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UFO (experience)


1. Symptoms that occur when UFOs appear

UFOs fly with powerful electromagnetic fields and nuclear power, which affects the surrounding electronic equipment and affects humans and animals.
The radiation levels are high where the UFO landed and left, the soil is soot with heat, and the smell of sulfuric acid.

a) The engine stop of vehicle or the

UFOs often stop the engine of the car when it comes close.
What's even more interesting is that when the UFO moves away, the engine returns to its original state.
This phenomenon is the result of an electromagnetic field that is strongly emitted around the UFO.

b) Communication

A US Navy fighter pilot flying 1,000 feet above sea level at around 7 a.m. in September 1950 saw a silver hat-shaped UFO with a diameter of over 600 feet in the lower part.
He was ready to shoot a machine gun and tried to operate the radio to get permission from the headquarters, and suddenly the communication was lost.
He repeatedly tried several times, but every time he was disturbed by severe radio waves.

c) Paralysis of the

On the morning of September 19, 1976, the Iranian Air Force launched the F-4 when a bright star appeared over Tehran, the capital of Iran, and made a strange move.
The F-4 witnessed and approached a UFO that was floating 40 miles north of Tehran, suddenly paralyzed the dashboard, and all communication equipment such as UHF and INTERCOM were paralyzed.
What's amazing is that when the F-4 gave up its approach and stepped away, it was surprisingly activated with the dashboard and communication equipment.


d) Trasformation of the soil by heat

Physical and chemical investigations of the UFO's landing revealed that it was exposed to heat of about 300-600°C, and materials such as phosphorus and zinc were detected.

e) Physiological effect

Near UFOs may include burns or pain in the skin, vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea, headaches, body paralysis, electrical shock, tanning in the light which is a reaction by heat, electromagnetic field, radioactivity, microwaves, etc.

f) Paralysis of the body

When UFO approaches, witnesses often cause general paralysis, which is estimated to be due to microwaves from UFOs.

g) Skin burns, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, symptoms of hair loss

At around 9 p.m. on December 29, 1980, Betty Kesh's experience of UFOs was a very fatally damaged case, and a hot heat wave was emitted from a diamond-type UFO, which forced her to be hospitalized for weeks for headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and hair loss symptoms.

h) Animal response

Generally, when UFO approaches, dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, goose, chicken, and horses are sensitive. The most common reaction is fear.
In the case of dogs, they run away with barking, shrinking, or floating symptoms.
Researchers say that the reaction of these animals is related to microwaves in UFOs, and that scientists in Russia actually have similar results as a result of experiments with microwaves shooting animals.



2. Witness stories about UFO

a) Sphere UFO seen by U.S. Pilots

In World War II, Allied bombers often witnessed strange shining spheres with a diameter of several feet in Germany or over Japan.
The American bombing pilots called them "Foo-fighters."

The Fu Fighters danced back and forth from the wings of the bombers.
At the speed of 300 to 800 kilometers per hour, it was continuous change colors like orange, red, and white, or flashed or blinked.
But in no case was it captured on the radar.


b) UFOs witnessed by the President of the United States

Jimmy Carter witnesses a UFO on the 1976 presidential campaign trail.
So he promised to release secret documents about UFOs when he became president.
He told the reporter:

"It was very bright with moon-sized and changed color every minute.
We watched for about 10 minutes, and no one could tell what it was.
But one thing is certain: you shouldn't mock anyone who witnessed a UFO."

Reagan, who witnessed the UFO before becoming president, spoke at the UN General Assembly as follows:

"I think that if the Earth is attacked by aliens sometimes, the people of the whole world can unite very quickly and become one."


c) A repairman whose body has been paralyzed after meeting a UFO.

In 1951, a repairman who was resting at lunch in Denmark suddenly saw a UFO landing in the park.
When the UFO landed, the repairman was afraid that his body was paralyzed and saw the door of the UFO open.
He saw brown aliens with four arms opening the door of the UFO and coming out.

He tried to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth.
The aliens open the front lid of the UFO, and eight small iron balls like unmanned scout aircraft fly silently around.
When the aliens finish repairing the UFO and fly to the sky after boarding, the paralysis of the body is released.


d) UFO released gas at Mexico City

The above photo is a picture of a strange UFO that appeared over Mexico City at around 10 pm on August 12, 1999, releasing yellow gas to the city center, and the right is a picture of UFO enlarged.
The UFO caused many people who inhaled gas at the time suffered a few weeks of headaches and abdominal pain.
The UFO reported that when the Mexican Air Force was dispatched, it disappeared quickly toward the atmosphere.

The light below shows that UFO have sprayed poisonous gases in a fairly large area, and they seem to have tested the chemical weapons they developed.
At the last time, as predicted in Revelation 9, the UFO will cover the sky and do these things.


e) The pilot of the passenger plane who witnessed the UFO

Aircraft pilot witnessed sphere UFO and UFO was caught on radar, but the CIA conceals it.

Pilot UFO sighting video



3. Cases of kidnapping and biopsy

a) A person who was kidnapped by an alien and inserted with a

There is a growing number of people all over the world claiming that they were kidnapped by aliens.
The "Alien kidnapping conspiracy theory", which was considered only mental illness until the early 1990s, was regarded as a credible super phenomenon in 1992 when a prominent British physician, Harold Broman, found an unidentified metal object near a patient's brain and he had been kidnapped by an alien.


The left side of the picture above is the X-ray hand of the person who was kidnapped and the right side is the chip.

In 1993, a farmer, Kennis Jones, who was sleeping at a ranch in Kentucky, USA, woke up after feeling uncomfortable with his body.
He finds four small-sized men with large heads standing looking at him.
The humans, who had fairly large eyes and thin bodies, continued to send Kennis a telepath saying, 'It's okay, don't worry.'

Kennis, who was trying to pick up his shotgun, said he was paralyzed for a moment.
The aliens who were holding Kennis said that the skin was 'gray', and they used a small iron rod to lift Kennis into the air and then kidnapped him into a UFO in the sky.

, who went up to the UFO in the sky through bright light, said that he lost his mind when he entered the UFO, and when he came back to his senses, he was placed on a table made of iron.
His eyes were closed at the time, but Kennis, who felt like he was operating on his hands, lost his mind again 10 minutes later.


The top left is an X-ray of chips inserted into the body and hands, and the right is chips photo taken out of the body.

When Kenneth woke up, he was lying in his bed, thinking it was a nightmare, and preparing for the farm work.
Kennis suddenly felt pain in his hands, and he remembered the nightmare he had the night before.

Kennis went to a doctor for tests, found strange objects in his body and underwent surgery to take objects out of his body.
The five small chips that were taken out of his body were passed to the FBI's investigative team, but could not reach any conclusions

b) Bio-experiment

Aliens kidnap and conceive women to make hybrids, and they take out fetuses without trace.
Grays reproduce genetically and they need human DNA for diversity of gene pools.

* Aliens kidnap people and do the following things:

Through the nasal cavity of the abductor, they insert a 3 mm-sized spherical electronic device into the brain.
Aliens hypnotize the subconscious to force the abductor to perform certain activities within five years.
Aliens are conducting genetic hybrids with aliens and humans.


The above photo is a hijacking of a cow in the United States, a biopsy, and then discarded.

The amputation of the animal's limbs continued to occur, and 10,000 animals were killed in the United States for 10 years.
The cut off of the animal's limbs is to draw blood for the Greys' food.


* word: UFO(experience)


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