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9/11 Terror





On September 11, 2001, a passenger plane collided with the World Trade Center in New York, USA, and two buildings were completely destroyed and a passenger plane collided with the Pentagon building.
The number of dead persons due to terrorism is 4763, the United States is a suspect in terrorism, pointing to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and President Bush declares war on terrorism.

Many people were shocked and the world economy suffered a recession for a while.
But over time, many questions were found and conspiracy theories come out.


1. Evidence of conspiracy of 9/11 terror

1. The strong relationship between the Bush family and the Bin Laden

FBI investigators who tracked down the clients of Osama's family were surprised.
Because George Bush, the father of President Bush, was involved.
Bush was a consultant for the Carlisle Group, which is investing in the defense and aviation industries.
The Laden family has invested money in the American defense industry through the Carlisle Group.
If President Bush increases his defense spending to perform a war on terrorism, the Bin Laden family will earn high profits.


2. Bin Laden is likely to be a CIA agent.

Bin Laden led the Afghan rebels with the help of the CIA since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.
For 30 years, bin Laden has maintained close ties with the CIA, engaged in drug trade, rebel activities, terrorism, and made a lot of money.

There is little chance that bin Laden will act against the United States because Palestinians who have nothing to do with him are persecuted.
Bin Laden has no reason to betray the CIA, knowing that it is a scary organization that can identify the face with satellites and drop bombs.

The ISI (Pakistan Intelligence Agency) has been working closely with the CIA to recruit Islamic terrorists and send them to Central Asia.
In the summer of 2001, ISI director Amid was sent $ 100,000 to Atta, the actual leader of the 911 incident, and the FBI admitted it. (2001.10.11 Times of India)
This led to Amid resigning.


3. Warnings and reports of terrorism had been ignored.

Experts say that four years of preparation and 100 preparation personnel are needed to cause high-level simultaneous terrorism such as 911 terrorism.
It is impossible that the U.S. intelligence agencies, which spend $30 billion each year to intercept communications and e-mail, decrypt passwords, and identify license plates by satellites, did not know that terrorists were active, financed, and received numerous orders in the United States.

If they did not really know, it was obvious that someone should be responsible for the dereliction of duty, but no one was responsible.
In March 2002, US Senator McKinney insisted that a congressional hearing on the administration and intelligence agencies should be held, but by the opposition of the lawmakers it was canceled.
In February 2001, the National Security Agency (NSA) announced that the terrorists' secret code decrypted. (UPI)

In June 2001, German intelligence BND warned the U.S. intelligence that 'the terrorists in the Middle East would kidnap civilian aircraft and use the plane as a weapon to defeat the American symbols' (2001.94.14). Frankfurt Alkemine Zeitung)
In July 2001, an FBI agent in Arizona reported that many Middle Eastern people were trained in the Arazona Flight School, and they seemed to be related to bin Laden or terrorists.

In August 2001, Bush was reported that civilian aircraft may be abducted by bin Laden.
In August 2001, the FBI arrested an armed member of the group associated with bin Laden in Boston, who had been trained in flight, and had Boeing aircraft maintenance and flight manuals at the time of his arrest. (2001.93 Reuters)

Briland, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, received information about the 9/11 attacks from an informant (who was later assassinated) in Russia.
So, Briland tried to expose it to the Canada government, but the US government, which noticed it, called for arrest by Canada police for a credit card fraud, and he was arrested and detained on December 6, 2000.
On August 11, 2001, he wrote down the contents of the 911 attack on paper and put it in an envelope to the guard. It was not read until September 14, 2001, but it was buried in secret. (2001.10.23 Toronto Star)

In early September 2001, an FBI agent in Minnesota arrested the terrorist suspect, Mushaui, who was taught to fly, and decided that he was likely to attack the World Trade Center by plane, so he applied for permission to inspect his laptop, but was rejected (2002.5.20). Newsweek)
As in the Pearl Harbor raid, reports and intelligence were received on various channels, but they were deliberately ignored or interfered.


4. President Bush's aides sold all of the airline stocks a few days before the terrorist attacks.

On Sunday, September 17, 2001, a CBS television program called "60 Minutes" revealed that Bush's close associates had suddenly sold all their airline stocks a few days before terrorist attacks.
This means that there are forces that have known that terrorism will happen in advance.

According to Bloomberg's survey, American Airlines' stock trading volume surged five times the normal trading volume a day before the 9.11 incident, and United Airlines' stock trading volume also jumped three days before the 9.11 incident.
In addition, the stock trading volume of the financial company Morgan Stanley, which was in the World Trade Center, and Merrill Lynch, a financial company near the scene, also surged 12 times to 25 times from the normal trading volume.


5. Can an amateur light aircraft pilot can control a large passenger plane?

Can a novice pilot with only experience driving light aircraft at a US flying school control a large passenger plane full of advanced devices?
Flight school officials in Florida, where terrorists were trained, testified that terrorists were amateurs enough to control light aircraft in a poor manner.

It is very difficult to crash exactly while flying low at a very fast speed to the World Trade Center.
Aircraft control should maintain the course exactly, but it is not easy to find the target with the naked eye without the help of electronic equipment or control towers.

The speed of the plane that crashed into the building south of the World Trade Center was 586 miles per hour (943 km/h), and the speed of the plane that crashed into the northern building was 486 miles per hour (782 km/h).
The speed of 586 miles per hour was above the plane's maximum flight speed given its altitude at the time

So what is the truth?

The terrorists kidnapped the plane, took control of the cockpit, and then switched it to automatic flight.
Currently, passenger aircraft technology has developed enough to take off, land, and fly without pilots.

The plane, which was converted into an automatic flight, was piloted from the ground and crashed after a landing guidance system was installed around the World Trade Center.
Of course, this is work the CIA with the advanced aviation engineers.


6. Terrorists not listed on the passenger list of aircraft

Shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the US government announced that they did not recognize the situation of terrorism in advance.
However, these intelligence agencies have put out a list of 19 terrorists in just two days after the terrorist attacks.

In particular, most of them are international students in Saudi Arabia, and most of them are not on the terrorist list.
But CNN confirmed the the names of these hijackers were not on the passenger list.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says five of them have never been on a plane and have not died.
It also does not match the seat number of the kidnapper that Stewardess Sweeney informed on her cell phone.


7. There was another explosion on the lower floor after the plane crash.

ABC News interviewed people who escaped from the WTC on September 11, 2001.
"We were trapped on the stairs for a while; I came down from the 85th floor, just as we were about to leave the building, there was one more explosion inside."
A woman's testimony followed.
"I was trapped on the stairs; there was an explosion when we got to the lobby," she said.

The World Trade Center, which is designed so strong, attempted an explosion that shook the foundations in the lower floors in case it did not collapse.


8. Terrorists who passes through a search station with guns and weapons

Nineteen terrorists passed three different airport search stations with guns and weapons.
The reason why everyone passed the advanced X ray search station without taking one is because there is a conspirator inside.


9. A site of damage of Pentagon which has no remains of airplanes and has been destroyed only a part.

According to the US Department of Defense, 189 people were killed and 111 injured, including 56 US troops, 69 civilian employees, and 64 passengers, at the Pentagon building.

The destructive force caused by the collision of the Boeing 757 is the tremendous destructive force.
But strangely, the scene of the destruction 9/11 incident, which the US Department of Defense released, was not destroyed by such a huge explosion.

The Pentagon has five layers of five-story buildings on the ground, forming a huge pentagon.
But the destruction scene taken in the field photo, is limited in the first floor of the building.

The width of the destruction part taken in the destruction scene photo is only 19m.
The Boeing 757 is 47.32m long and 38m wide including wings, so how is the destruction only 19m?

No one saw anything that would be the wreckage of the plane, and the surveillance camera did not see the Boeing at any moment, at any angle, and no carcass was found on the plane passengers.

The photo of the destruction site shows that the 2.3m diameter hole is pierced in the Ministry of National Defense building, which shows that the building has penetrated three layers of buildings among the five layers of buildings.

However, since the head of the passenger plane contains an electronic navigation device, the head's surface is covered with carbon, a non-metallic materiall.
Therefore, it is impossible for the head of weak nonmetallic materials to penetrate three layers of building with solid stone.

So what was the object that penetrated the solid building?
We estimate that the hard object is a metal missile head.

The witness at the scene said he heard the sound of a missile coming.
It is likely that the collision with the Pentagon of National Defense was not a passenger plane but a winged cruise missile.


Pentagon Site

1.The first report on the scene of the incident was from Reuters that the Pentagon was damaged by the explosion of a helicopter.

2. Minutes later, the Pentagon corrects that information: it was an aircraft, not a helicopter.

3. Firefighters from Arlington City arrived.

4. The upper floors of the building were not yet collapsed.

5. If we put the shape of the airplane in a virtuallyer, we only found that the front part of the plane entered the building.
The plane's wings must remain outside the building.

6. The world’s most powerful forces were forced to accept that they had lost their territory and suffered tremendous losses.

7. The plane accidentally crashed into a part of the Pentagon that was under repair. many offices were empty, and some offices had only civilians in charge of moving.

8. The plane did not destroy street lights adjacent to the Pentagon's parking lot.


The Boeing plane collided with the front of the building at the height of just one and two floors, but the lawns, parking lots and helicopter landings located in front of Pantagon were undamaged.

10. The Pentagon is the world's largest government office. 23,000 employees work there every day.

11. We cannot find any trace of the Boeing Plane.



2. Purpose of 9/11 terror

1. Invasion of Afghanistan (construction of oil pipelines)

After the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration declared war on terrorism, and with the approval of Congress, U.S. army invades Afghanistan, the home of al-Qaeda.
The war ended easily, and the Taliban regime collapsed.
But there is another purpose for the United States to invade Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is an important oil transport route with the Central Asian oil-field.
Negotiation for the pipeline construction of the UNOKAL refinery company and the Taliban regime in Texas on December 4, 1997, break down because the Taliban demanded too much money. (1997.12.4 BBC)
The UNOKAL refinery is run by CFR members George Schultz and Henry Kissinger.

So the United States had long tried to defeate the Taliban regime and gained the cause to invade Afghanistan with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
As the Taliban regime collapsed, Karzai, who was appointed president of Afghanistan, was a consultant in the UNOKAL Refinery Company; (Le Mont)
In May 2002, the Afghan government announced said it would destroy the existing pipeline construction contract and build a pipeline with a UNOKAL refinery.(2002.5.13 BBC)


2. Establishment of the Patriot Act

The Bush administration enacted and enforced the Patriot Act after the terrorist attacks, which can be said to be the law of the evil that makes the United States, the world's best human rights democracy, to a military dictatorship monitoring country.

First of all, secret warrants, secret arrests, secret trials, secret death sentences, and secret deportations are possible in military regimes, so Middle Eastern people, illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are being taken at random, 1,200 people are in long-term detention centers and some are forcibly deported.
A military tribunal is established, a secret death penalty is possible, and even if the death penalty is issued, it can not be appealed.

It also infringes on privacy, allowing e-mail, and websites to be intercepted.
Currently, a technology has been developed to search for words within e-mail, and using words such as anti-government expressions or bomb immediately become the censorship target.

The most serious thing is that they are trying to operate a cell surveillance system in communist society.
The Bush administration is planning to implement a project called TIPS (Terrorism Information Prevention System) and is recruiting volunteers through the Internet site (www.citizencorps.gov).

The web site says TIPS is a national program that provides an official channel for millions of Americans, including truck drivers, mailmen, train conductors, captains, and home furnishers, to report terrorist suspicious activities to authorities.

The Patriot Act is a procedure for Freemasonry to establish a world government (communist dictatorship).


3. It has increased the military expenditure so that the military enterprise gain benefit greatly.

In the Afghanistan war, the bombers dropped 17,000 bombs and spent an average of $ 1.8 billion a month, which led to huge revenues for military company and rising share prices every day.
Most former presidents and senior politicians are lobbying for a position as directors or advisers to military companies.

Large military companies, which were merged into three or four, were in danger of starving to death after the Cold War.
Peace means death to a military company, so they deliberately make war.
The 9/11 attack have greatly increased defense spending and made money.


4. The invasion of Iraq has earned U.S. the right to develop crude oil.

After the 9/11 terrorist attack, the United States identified Iraq as the backbone of terrorism without any proof.

In fact, Iraq, which has been devastated by economic blockade for many years, has no power to invade other countries by developing weapons of mass destruction.
People are starving to death, there are no medicines in the hospital, patients are dying, and baby are dying because they can not produce or import milk powder.

The reason the United States is trying to break down Iraq's regime is because it is the world's second-largest oil producer.
Iraq handed over oil development rights to other countries, including Russia, and U,S. oil companies can not tolerate it.


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