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Protocols of Zion

The Protocols of Zion

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


"Zion" was used mainly to refer to Jerusalem as a place name in the southwest of Jerusalem, and it was used in the Zion movement to set up a country by returning to Jerusalem by Jewish peoples from all over the world from the 17th century.
The Jews who were completely destroyed by Rome in A.D.70 had to live all over the world and endure all kinds of persecutions and massacres.

Even after the epidemic, jews were framed and killed, slaughtered by the Crusades, and Nazis carried out a record massacre of 6 million people during World War II.
Despite all the persecutions, Jews dominated Europe's finance and industry with their superior head.
So jews  dream revenge and they discuss not only the recovery of Israel but also the conquest of the world to make everyone Jewish slaves.

elders gathered and recorded during the meeting is the beginning of 'the Protocol of Zion.
The high-ranking Jewish people did not only believe in Judaism but also in mystical religions like Cabala.
In the late 18th century, Illuminati arose, claiming the New World Order.

Rothschild, a Jewish financier who held European wealth at the time, agreed to set up a world government in partnership with the founder of the Illuminati, Baishaut.
So what happened was the French Revolution, the Russian Communist Revolution, and the founding of the United States.
Rothschild and Baischaut decided to modernize the Protocol of zion, and gradually developed, and the Protocol of zion.

The Protocol of zion is a remarkable insight even though it created 150 years ago.
For example, jews want to make visual tools that people can not think and make people simple animals that need to see pictures.
This is a prediction that people will not see books and their heads will get worse because of the television that was distributed in the mid-20th century.(It was actually intended.)

They also want to develop sports and entertainment businesses to make humans hedonic animals that don't care about complex issues such as politics, and to create a materialistic society that does not get motivated if you don't bet money on each problem by making quiz shows.
If you read the Protocol of Zion, you can see that our political, economic and cultural realities are intended and manipulated.



 Dragon at the City of London

Jews own global multinational corporations (financial, oil, military, food, minerals, IT), bribe politicians, or  assassinate politicians, or threaten politicians, lead public opinion by own broadcasters, and fool people by low-quality programs such as professional wrestling and sex reality programs, all of which are in the Protocol of zion.

In addition to this, jews recommend that all countries' self-sufficiency systems should be disrupted to rely on other countries, encourage economic panic to suffer poverty, and to use high tax rates to pay off the interest of the government.
The Federal Reserve Bank, the central bank that issues money in the United States, is a Jewish private company with the authority to issue money and adjust interest rates, and the global stock price fluctuates in a word from the FRB chairman.

The IMF, BIS, and the World Bank are Jewish, and the Jewish conquest of the world is not impossible, but it is a matter of time that no one can stop.
One of their purposes is to beat the mosque in Jerusalem, set up their Jewish temple, and seat the king who ruled themselves and the world as a descendant of David, and elders assert that God can not interfere with this job.
He is the anti-christ who takes power for three and a half years, commands the world and make people worships himself.


First edition of the 'the Protocols of Zion' published in the UK in 1920

Mizrime who belonged to Freemasonry, sold 'The Protocols of Zion' for a sum of 2,500 francs to Russian informant in 1884, and it was published in 1897 in Russia.
One of them has flown to England and is now kept in the British Museum.

So let's look at the details of the Protocols of Zion.


1. Terms of the Protocol of Zion


corrupt political leader who can serve as a Jewish puppet.

b) The Learned Elders of

The elder in the Old Testament is the elder leader who leads the Israelites.
The Learned elders are the highest levels of Jews, and they have the right to elect the king of Israel to rule a single world government in the future.


Agentour refers to a privileged elite group, including Jewish financial rich that dominates the world.
For example, the manager of the International Bank, the operator of the international organization, the European nobility, and the chairman of multinational corporations.

d) Gentile

Gentile refers to people who are not Jews, mainly used to refer to foolish people.



2. Contents of the Protocols of Zion

1. Power is justice.

a) Freedom exists only

Human beings are inherently evil, so they should be governed by violence, terrorism and force rather than academic logic.
Freedom is ideal, not really exist.
We use the freedom as the bait to make the crowd our side and to break down the tyranny.
We can take power from those who have free ideas more easily.


b) The government, which is confused by liberalism, self-destructs, and we take sovereignty.

In the old days, faith ruled, but today money is replacing liberal power.
When we leave the power of the country to the people, it becomes a mess soon, and we encourage the struggle between class and partisan, weaken the power of the ruler and make it ruin.

We approach the government with a strong capital power,
in a desperate situation.
This will take away sovereignty, and the country that rejects it will be completely ruined.

Politics and morality are separate matters, and those who want to work ethically cannot be competent politicians.
The person who wants to be a leader should be cunning, and make people believe his lies.
It is forbidden to be honest in politics.


c) Only absolute power can be a right, and use violent gangs.

Our right is in power.
The word right is an abstract idea with no source, just shouting, "Let me have what I want"

When the government is weak, there are various groups and factions that claim rights based on liberal ideas, and the government becomes confused.
The temporary vice we will do seem good, and our actions to correct the confusion will seem justified.

To successfully implement our strategic plans, we need to pay attention to the brutal and ignorant gangs that can put them into practice.
They lack the ability to understand the situation, but they have the advantage of unconditionally obeying orders if they make money.


d) We become tyrannical monarchs and rule the foolish people who took free thought.

Only the plan set by the tyrannical monarch is simple and clear, allowing all functions to be properly adjusted and handled.
Therefore, power is attributed to one person in any society.
Without an absolute total monarch, it is impossible for civilization to exist.

Look at the animals who are soaked in alcohol and are not able to use their rights properly under the name of freedom!
We are the ones who are chosen to walk in a clear spirit between them, who have fallen on the road with alcohol.

We use women to get senior politicians into corruption and enjoyment.
In the political world, only power can conquer, and political qualities are used to conceal this power.
The evil way is to end the good.

, we must bribes, deceptions, and conspiracy to achieve our purpose.
In order to seize power in the political yard, you must know how to take away other people's property.



2. Control people's way of thinking through the media.

a) We cause war and raise Goys as a submissive fool.

War is essential to achieving our purpose, and is a means of ensuring our economic position.
The countries involved in the war inevitably depend on our absolute power.

The high-ranking statesman we choose must be educated and trained from an early age, and have the qualities of obeying our leaders who were born with genius intelligence.
Goys is a person who has not received practical education since historical considerations and has not been able to make a decisive conclusion, and has learned only theoretical facts.

* Almost all the wars that occurred in modern times were promoted by Freemasonry, because the wars made the following benefits.

1. Wars have great benefits to their financial, military, and oil multinational corporations.
2. The world order can be reorganized as they wish through war.
3. If the government makes a huge debt through war, it will be easier to manipulate the government.
4. If the people are anxious and fearful through war, they can make the policies they want much easier.
5. The effect of directly reducing the excess population through war.
6. The more wars destroy, the more work they have in their own construction companies, such as Becktel and Halliburton in the United States.


b) Manipulating the Goys and the people through idea and media.

Think carefully of the Dawinism, Marxism, and Nietzscheism that we have devised and created.

Today, in the hands of our ruler who move each country, there is a powerful force that control people's way of thinking.
It is 'media' that claims that what we want is inevitable, and encourages various complaints to induce chaos.
The power of the media is in our hands, and the goys are always used.

We have a powerful influence through the media, but we should exist under the shadow of the goys.
We have been given gold in our hands without sweating because of the media, but we should not forget that there were many sacrifices of our ancestors.

Agenturs dominate our way of thinking through various ideas and media.
Darwin's theory of evolution, Marx's communism, and Nietzsche's nihilism(superhumanism) philosophy are all ideas that Freemasons created to lead mankind in the wrong direction they intended.

Freemasons own broadcast media such as CBS, NBC, Washington Post, and The New York Times, which send articles as they intended.
If a politician is to succeed, he must rely on Freemason because he must receive media support, and if he does not obey, he will resign like Nixon.



3. We take control of the world with economic power.

a) When the symbolic snake wriggles, all countries head to catastrophe.

In the future, if the iconic snakes that symbolize us wriggle, our goals will be achieved.

The high-ranking Freemasons serve Satan directly and they work with revelations from Satan, so the symbolic snake means Satan.
Now that all preparations are in place for the establishment of the world government, if Satan commands them, they will be executed.
If war, famine, major disasters and diseases are in extreme confusion, the state will be self-destructed by the division and riot.


b) We starve the people and take control of the world with communism.

In the past we instigated the people to wipe out the noble class of their society (the French Revolution).
Today, as the aristocratic class collapsed, capitalists instead of the aristocratic class ruthlessly scratched the workers' money.

We appear like a savior in situations where workers are persecuted and have them participate in the struggles such as socialism, anarchism, and communism.
We should know that when workers feel food shortages, our strength increases reflexively.
That way they will continue to work as slaves who listen to us well, and they will not be able to build their own government against our will.


c) We deliberately promote the economic panic and conquer the world.

We mobilize workers and gangs at the same time and send them to the streets of Europe to promote an economic panic.
Simple and ignorant gangsters have a chance for a fortune for plunder, and are willing to go out on the road and bleed.
This developed confusion will deepen, the factory will close, and the commerce will stop and the economic crisis will come.

The ruler who holds sovereignty in the confusion will sanction the freedom that the common people have cried.
The new ruler is blinded, so soon he does not know what to do.
Eventually, he will come before us and ask us to be guided.

Recall the French Revolution! (1789–1794)
It is an event done by our hands, and keep in mind that everything is in our grasp.

We are now invincible as an international force.
The reason we can do that is that when a country attacks us, another country defends us and fights for us.

There are many ways to create a global economic recession.
It is not difficult for Illuminati, such as the financial crisis, war, terrorism, infectious diseases, bankruptcy of large corporations, national bankruptcy, inflation, general strike, riot.

confusion will lead to the government taking special measures and the rights of the people will be greatly reduced.
The failure of economic policy will reveal the incompetence of politicians and eventually follow the New World Order led by the United Nations and the International Economic Organization.



4. We encourage confusion and replace faith with materialism.

a) Spreads materialism, weakening faith.

To destroy the minds of God-believers, we need to weaken all faiths and plant a
materialism in their minds.
All countries should be concentrate on benefiting, giving them no time to think about who their enemies are.



5. Dominate the public’s consciousness with the box office business(play, films).

a) Control the people's idea with the show business.

If you are satisfied with seeing a show, you will believe what actors say in it, and few people notice that the content is wrong.
The box office(movies, play) is very important, and we foster the business to glorify what we want and let the public accept it.

make people immersed in hobbies close to madness, so that people who have different ideas do not understand each other.
This does not allow the people to unite against us, and it also has the effect of breaking the will of the person who personally opposes us.

By all these methods we will make the Goys tired, and they will eventually appeal to us to create an international force that can lead all the countries of the world.
This allows us to absorb all the power of the world into us without using violent means and establish a super government.

Most of the major Hollywood cinemas in the United States are Jewish.
In the movie, the words and gestures of the actor dominate the consciousness of the public without any discernment and create fashion.
Hollywood means the indicator used by wizards to perform magic.

If a celebrity who gets public support opposes Freemasonry, it is dangerous and must be removed.
So, President Kennedy and Martin Luther King who is popular with the public and speaks right, can not live long.



6. We must destroy the Goys.

a) exterminate the Goys by speculative industry, luxury and social turmoil.

We encourage speculative industries that are counterproductive to industrial development.
Businesses that are not speculative can give individuals the opportunity to accumulate capital, which can pay off their bank debts and increase their economic power.
Traditional industries will suffer from labor problems or capital shortages, and speculative projects are encouraging that money comes into our hand whenever there is a deal.

Encourages luxury to deplete all the capital in the hands of the Goys.
The desireful mind demands a luxurious life, and the luxurious life causes self-destruction.

It causes confusion by causing workers to be disobedient, disordered, and drunk.
We should create difficult problems and ruins the industry, completely eradicate the goys in the world.
We must disguise ourselves as if we were for the working class, and tout our economics as the basic principle of the economy so that everyone can believe in

The world economy is now dominated by speculative industries rather than traditional industries, which are also artificially promoted.
In 1975, the traditional investment in the world was 80% and the investment in speculative was 20%.
1997, the investment in the industry was 2.5%, while speculative investment was 97.5%.
Most speculative capital is invested in foreign exchange and derivatives.

Luxury occurs when the public keeps away from mental civilization, focuses on material civilization, and fashion, entertainment industry, luxury goods and all kinds of advertisements encourage it.
Psychologically, luxury comes from a sense of competition to have a sense of superiority by dressing up with expensive goods, clothes, cars, furniture, or houses, and it is just to show off yourself, but there is no one to admire it.



9. educates the people in a freemasonry.

a) through education, to transform students into liberal ideas.

The contents taught in education will spread to the whole nation and spread to the whole world.
We should turn students' ideas into ideas of liberalism.

Liberalism, evolution, humanism, and postmodernism, which dominate the consciousness of people, are all thought intentionally injected through education.
As a result, people are alienated from Christianity,and moral ideas are weakened, and they have a material mindset.



10. We stand a weak man as president and control him like a puppet.

a) Increase the power of the president, and reduce the power of the Parliament

Not far in the future, the president of every country lets us choose.
To manipulate the president like a puppet, we nominates a person with a black weakness in the past as president.

We gave the right to enact new laws or change laws to the puppet president.
Shortening the opening period of the parliament to reduce the activities of the parliament and legislate the president to have the authority to dissolve the parliament.

The President may create special provisional statutes to take effect with the Presidential Decree, and have the authority to order the creation of a new constitution.



11. God has scattered us all over the world so that we can conquer the world.

a) We are a secret organization Freemason, and goys are mercenaries.

We are an unknown secret organization Freemason, and the purpose of it is unthinkable.
Goys like cows and pigs will be misled by us and they are mercenaries of Mason Lodge.

God made us a chosen nation and scattered us all over the world.
This fact may seem poor to the eyes of the people, but it has actually given us great strength and we havve the sovereignty to govern the world.


12. Control the media to manipulate public mind.

A) control the press.

We should not let a single line of articles come into contact with the public without our control.
The major news agency that are operating the network around the world are all organizations we own, so we have to create public opinion as we want.
The goys are well trained to look at things only through the color glasses we have painted.

Those who want to publish books or newspapers must obtain a certain certificate from the educational institution we set up.
If a person without a certificate tries to do this, he or she should immediately stop, educate them according to our government's policies, and make sure their mindset is in line with our framework.


B) Overwhelm free speech with fun and number.

We make a lot of cheap, easy, and fun publications, and we create the mental state of the people in the direction we want.
If anyone is trying to write against our will, they will be frustrated because it is difficult to find a place to print.

If anyone is against us, move your hands quickly to treat him as a psychopath.
Then they will lose their judgment and follow our will.


c) manipulate the public opinion by lying.

In this way, our media is absolutely trusted by the public, and when political problems are caused, we can manipulate the public psychology at will.
Our opponents have no way of expressing their will, and we can ignore their claim.

All media organizations should work together and keep secrets.
If anyone is willing to betray our faith, we should immediately bury him.



13.We makes the public like sports, entertainment, and pleasure and it causes them to lose their thinking ability.

a) We stand the goys up and let them take place our job.

The goys can not say anything because of the food that day, and they have to act as polite servants to us.
Once things are decided, no one can invalidate them, because they can not oppose reform in good direction.


b) making people simple animals with sports, entertainment, pleasure, and hobbies.

In order to turn people's attention away from us, we will set up box office, pleasure, entertainment and continue to send sports and art competitions through the media to lose their minds.
The public gradually lose the ability to criticize and gradually comes to think according to our plan.



14. Allow Judaism in the World Government and Exterminate Christianity.

a) A stable and perfect society is achieved only when we conquer the world.

When our kingdom is established, there should not be another God other than the God we serve.
All faiths other than Judaism should be removed.

All the peoples of the world must be subordinate to our people, so that a stable and complete society is achieved.
We have to publicize that we have mystical rights.



15. The World Government shall strictly apply the Law, and the rebels shall be punished severely.

a) We control the secret organization Freemasonry and use it for various conspiracy.

Freemason Lodge should be increased as much as possible around the world.
Freemasons sign up for people with social reputations or potential.
This organization uses our main intelligence chamber to expand its power or influence society.

We should never leak this secrets.
There is a representative in the Lodge, under the control of the Mason.
The highly secret political plot of the Lodgeis known to us from the first day of the initiative, and comes under our control.



17. Remodel humans and make accuse each other and establish a perfect dictatorship.

a) Persecute Christianity and integrate religion to make the king of the Jewish people become the bishop of the world church.

We have already downgraded the status of clergy for a long time, and their impact on the world has been diminished.
As a result, 'freedom of conscience'(liberalism, postmodernism) was proclaimed throughout the world, leaving a few days before Christianity fell.

It is much easier to deal with other religions than Christianity.
When all the countries of the world rebel against the Vatican, we become the protector of the Vatican and go to the depths of the Vatican and lead to the destruction of the Vatican. (Revelation 17:16)

The king of the Jewish people becomes the true pope of the universe and becomes the bishop of the world church.
We use the media to continue to accuse the government of mistakes, corruption of religion, and incompetence of politicians.

b) create a resident surveillance system and make accuse each other.

Citizens are obliged to report to anyone who sees or hears a disagreement about political issues, and if they neglect it, they are punished for concealment.
All people in our kingdom must follow the doctrine of Kabala obligatory.



20. Makes the government owed, and degrades the people to economic slavery.

A) drive the Goy government into a pit of debt that cannot be broken out and go bankrupt.

If the government miscalculated the budget, the debt will continue to accumulate next year.
The government treasure is emptied because of the careless administration.
When the loan period expires and the market money has already been swallowed by us, so the government will have to go bankrupt.

Debt in foreign countries is like a leech attached to your body.
However, the Goy government does not intend to remove the leech, but voluntarily sucks the blood and causes the blood to disappear and die.



21. Bankrupt the Government with Government bonds, and build a communist society.

We have made money more than twice, by borrowing money that is not even needed in their countries, using the corrupt and lazy politicians.
The government announces the necessary funds if the budget is insufficient, and sells bonds including interest.

The face value of the bond is small for the people to purchase, and discounts are given to those who buy within the period.
Within days, the treasury would overflow, and more money would come in than expected.
This is because the people absolutely trust the government bonds.

But the money that came in from selling bonds will start to turn into a heavy burden.
Another loan must be made to pay interest, and debt will increase.
If the country's credit rating falls, the government must create new taxes to pay off its debts and collect more taxes.

If the repayment period comes, interest can be paid back, but the principal can not be paid back.
Because you can't pay off your debt without the consent of your creditors.
If the creditor asks for the money back at once, the government will go bankrupt because it has no money to pay at once.

If the state goes bankrupt, both the affected people and politicians will not be able to find a way to solve it.
If we conquer the world and take the throne, we will eliminate all economic management problems and financial markets that do not meet our tasks.
We will replace financial markets with a huge government-controlled credit org.



22. The purpose is to justify means.

Today we have the greatest power, gold.
We can buy everything we want in the world with our gold.

It doesn't have to be proved anymore that we were born with the fate of dominating the world.
To embody an orderly world, we have done evil things like demons for centuries but we have been forced to do.
Although we used violence frequently, it is only a tool to restore the world and to allow individuals to enjoy peace.

Our government will be a glorious and honorable regime.
Our king will rule under the authority of the Almighty, and will not mingle with the ignorant braggador, the Goy.
Under our regime, all people will be happy, and all people will be worshiped by the bright light of our regime.
In our true authority cannot infringe even God, and no one will dare to interfere our rule.


The Jews have been fighting for peace, arresting them for freedom, all of which are means of conquering the world.
The utopia they dream of is that all people accept their absolute authority, and God can not interfere with it.

No matter how smart the Jews are, they are just the servants who are used by Satan, and if they conquer the world and make this land the kingdom of Satan, they will be abandoned by Satan.
We can not break down their powerful organization with human power, but Jesus will come to us and judge them with the power of the great word that created all of this universe.


24. Select the king from David's descendants, pass on secret knowledge, and then sit on the throne.

The king is elected among the descendants of David.
Choice prioritizes superior ability over pedigree, and teaches the most mysterious secrets of the political world.

Even if he have a cruel personality, only one with charismatic qualities who can do strong governance will be crowned by the Elder.



※ The Evaluation of the Press and celebrity on the Protocols of Zion

Uncanny Note Of Prophecy
"Whence come this uncanny note of prophecy, prophecy in part fulfilled, in parts far gone in the way of fulfillment?  
Have we been struggling these tragic years to ... extirpate the secret organization of German world dominion only to find underneath it, another, more dangerous because more secret?  
Have we ... escaped a Pax Germanica only to fall into a Pax Judaeica?

The Times, London, May 8th, 1920

"Those who feel libeled by the Protocols have the most obvious remedy in the world; all they have to do is to ruse and denounce the policy of them, instead of denying the authorship ...
But when you come to read them how can any reason- able man deny the truth of what is contained in them?

Norman Jaques, M.P.

in Canadian House of Commons, July 9th, 1943


"On the one hand, the authenticity of this document cannot   be proved; on the other hand, the efforts made by some writers, principally Jewish, to show it to be a forgery do not carry conviction to many serious minds."

The Rev. Denny Fahey, C.S.Sp., B.A., D.D., 1939


Too Terribly Real For Fiction

"Whosoever was the mind that conceived them possessed a knowledge of human nature, of history, and of statecraft which is dazzling in its brilliant completeness, and terrible in the objects to which it turns its power.  
It is too terribly real for fiction, too well sustained for speculation, to deep in its knowledge of the secret springs of life for forgery."

The Dearborn Independent, July 10th, 1920.


They Fit It Now

"The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on.  
They are sixteen years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time.  They fit it now.

Henry Ford in the New York World, February 17th, 1921


"There is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews;
communications are passing between the leaders in America, France,  Russia and England, with a view to concerted action."

Directorate of Intelligence, Home Office, Scotland Yard, London,

in a Monthly Report to Foreign Embassies, 16th July, 1919.


"This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman(United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution [reconstruction] of society on the basis of arrested devel-opment, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing."

 Winston Churchill in Illustrated Sunday Herald, 8th February, 1920.


* word: The Protocols of Zion



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