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Freemason (History)

'Freemason' is the 'Free Stoneworkers Association', which refers to the architectural organization that builds stone buildings in the Middle Ages.
They absorb the social elites and become secret society that manipulate the world.
These are the black groups that can coordinate American government.

Freemasonry is related to global multinational corporations and media companies, and the CIA of the United States.
There are Freemason lodge around the world, and millions of members in the United States and Europe.
Based on Egyptian mysticism, geometry, and number mysticism, masons created humanism and communism.


1. Origins of Freemasons;

Mason's history begins 3000 years ago when Solomon built the temple.
Solomon asks King Tyre for help when he needs a skilled engineer to build the Great Temple.
The Kingdom of Tyre inherited the mystical religion of Egypt as a descendant of Noah's cursed son Ham.

King Furam of Tyre sends a Mason called Hiram Avif, who becomes the head of the temple architecture.
Many masons worked, but Hiram Avif did not tell anyone how to build temple until the end of construction.
Some Masons who are curious, threaten Hiram to tell them the secret, but he does not tell until he dies.

So what was the secret that Hiram kept in exchange for his life?
The pyramids of ancient Egypt also show the wonderfully sophisticated masonry.
The geometry used at that time, geometry has hidden the mystery..

The Masons in Phoenicia went to Greece and Rome and left enormous buildings such as the Athens temple and the Colosseum, and as the Roman Empire expanded, they went to Europe to build castles of lords or build churches.
They were treated as high-end engineers, and they held a mystical ceremony in their own temples.
Increasingly, artists and intellectuals able to joi mason, and philosophical and social problems were also delt with.

When Jerusalem was conquered by Muslims in the 12th century, French knights came out to call for the restoration of the Holy Land and the protection of pilgrims, and many young people responded and the kings and lords gave material support.
These are the 'Knights Templar', and they found unusual treasures in the temple of Jerusalem, and they accumulate tremendous wealth through trade between Europe and the Middle East.
As the Templars reach out to Europe and become stronger, the popes and kings who supported them would be vigilant.


The red cross is a symbol of the Knights Templar, and this symbol is used by the Freemasons today.

※Red Cross

Philip III, the king of France, invites the chief of the Knights Templarr to Paris to torture him, then burns him, and arrests the Tamplar Knights of the country.
However, most of the Tamplar Knights of other countries have passed the crisis safely, and since then the Knights Templar have been underground and secretly work.

Many of the Freemasons persecuted in France went to Scotland, and become Scottish rite, and their systematic organization will be used worldwide.
In England, the York rite was formed and became the two major organizations of Freemasonry.

The Scottish rite is divided into 33 classes based on the Egyptian faith, but the York rite has 10 classes.
If you join Freemason, you can choose whether go to Scottish or York from grade 4.

When you join Freemasonry, you have to have religion, whether Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists do not matter.
Generally, people who join Freemasons know that Freemasons are a social club.
In first you learn about mysticis, later you realize that the god they serve is Satan, not God.

If you want to leave later, betrayal is not tolerated, so you can be killed to keep the secret
Freemasons penetrate deeply into politics, the media, social organizations, and Christianity..



2. The French Revolution;

The French Revolution took place to bring down the monarchy and create a government that Freemason could control.
The forces that led the French Revolution are Freemason and Illuminati.

We understand that the French Revolution was caused by the people who could not stand the king's tyranny.
In 1789, the mobs controled by Freemasons raided Jail, which had only seven prisoners, to take weapons.

Then they instigated the people with the following complaints.

First, ask for bread because the Duke of Orléans, who was an Illuminati, bought all food.
Second, the government has raised taxes because Freemason has lent a lot of money to the American Revolutionary War.
Third, inflation is severe because Prime Minister who was Freemason has deliberately issued a lot of money.

Freemason's typical trick is to deliberately encourage confusion and incite public to riot, but in fact it is a trick to get power, and the people will suffer from the more  harsh dictatorship.
They also embrace the nobles forces to achieve their purpose, and after the revolution is successful, they sent the nobles to the guillotine.

It is also exaggerated that Queen Marie Antoinette is extravagant, and Freemason manipulate the media to move the people at will.
During the French Revolution, revolutionaries banned Christianity and burned the Bible.
Freemasons banned worship of God bur they praised the goddess of freedom.



3. The Communist Revolution (Communism);

The Jewish Marx who created communism was Freemason.
Communism and humanism were the idea that incited the people to break down the kingship and church.
In particular, Marx claims materialism, making people animals, and destroying religion.
Lenin, who is obsessed with Marxism, decides to revolutionize in a violent way and is funded by Freemasonry in the United States and Germany.

Russia's Communist Revolution is not a natural revolution caused by hunger, but a planned revolution.
Freemasons have established the Social Democratic Labor Party, which is filled with Jewish people.
Fourteen Jewish Social Democratic Laborers succeeded in the Russian Revolution, built Russia as a dictatorial and class-specific country, not a country of Marx's communist economic system.

After the Communist Revolution, private property was confiscated, freedom was taken, religion was forbidden, power was monopolized, long-term dictatorship was carried out, and the middle class fell and everyone except the privileged class became poor.
A dictator Stalin killed his 40 million people for no reason.
Humanism and communism are both good to hear, but it was a slave life to come back when you succeeded in revolution.

Modern Freemasonry is trying to establish a world government with the idea of "New World Order".
The borders between nations will disappear, and tariffs and visas will be exempted, wars and disputes will disappear, and the world will be like heaven.
if economic sovereignty is handed over to international organizations and military sovereignty and government power is transferred to the world government, harsh tyranny will be carried out immediately, private property will be confiscated, individual freedom and rights will be lost, religions will be banned,



4. Founding of the United States;

We usually think that America is a Christian country founded by Puritans.
It is true that the persecuted Christians in Europe crossed Atlantic, but Freemasons in Europe came also.
The United States is the country that Freemasons formed political System..
representative figure is George Washington, the first president of the United States, and Benjamin Franklin, who drafted the Declaration of Independence.


The left is a portrait of George Washington, which says, 'Washington Freemason' on top.
Below it is written a G (God or Geometry) symbolizing the omnipotent in the Freemason.
'G' ultimately expresses the trinity of the Egyptian gods, Osiris, Isis, and Horus.
And at the waist, he put a mason's apron, and there's a symbol of Mason, a Compus and a right measure.

The picture on the right is a portrait at the George Washington Freemason Memorial in Washington D.C.
The building, built in 1923 to commemorate George Washington's being Freemason, has a list of the names of former U.S.presidents who were Freemasons.
Of the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence, 41 were Mason.

The leaders of the United States were all Freemasons: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Alaxander Hamilton, Henry Nokes, Edmund Randle.
In particular, President George Washington wore a Freemason's ceremonial robe at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Federal Parliamentary House in 1793, a freemason's mark on his chest, and all the key figures around him were wearing Freemason's robes.


The back of the 1 Dollar bill is a pyramid and an eagle.
The Federal Reserve Bank, which issues American currencies, is not owned by the government but is owned by private company owned by Jewish Freemasons.
In a Christian country, it is impossible to put the pyramid, a symbol of Egyptian faith, in money, which is a phenomenon that occurs because the religions of the power and the common people are different.
The eagle represents Egypt's phoenix, with their symbolic number of 13 stars above its head.

Columbus who found America was Freemason, and the Freemasons who escaped from the persecution of France to Spain and Portugal interest in the New World.
Like Puritans, Freemasons, who were not free to work in Europe, migrated to the United States since the 17th century, accounting for 30% of all men.
Mystical Freemasons used to gather at night to memorize spells and carry out strange ritual in U.S.

The United States was British's colony at the time, and when Britain raised taxes and banned its own currency use, the Freemasons who rebelled against it began a riot and the Revolutionary War began.
They went to George Washington, a Virginia colonel and a freemason, and George Washington accepted it and became commander of the Revolutionary Army.
The European Freemason-backed Revolutionary Army
was able to win hard, and George Washington became the first president of the United States.

In the capital Washington, D.C., D.C. is the District of Columbia, meaning the District of the Columbus (Mason Organization) named after the goddess of Columbia.
New York, also means a new base for the English Freemason York rite.



5. anti-Mason activities

When Captain William Morgan, who was Mason, tried to publish a book about Freemason's harm, he was kidnapped and killed by Freemasons.
He died, but in 1827 a book he wrote, "The Reality of Mason by a brother who devoted himself for 30 years" was published.

Pressed by public opinion in 1829, the New York State Senate conducted an investigation into Freemasons, saying, "Freemasons take control of government, and the media is under Freemasonry's prestige."
The people who were against President Jackson, who was a freemason, created the first party in the United States aimed at anti-Mason.

In the 1832 election, the candidates of the anti-Mason party succeeded in each state and local election, but it failed to withdraw Jackson.
Their anti-Mason activities have hurt American Masons for decades.



6. Assassinations of Kennedy

President Kennedy, who was riding a limousine in Dallas, USA in 1963, was shot and killed.
Oswald, who was in a nearby warehouse, was arrested as a criminal, and he claimed he was innocent, and it is almost impossible for a non-expert with an old-fashioned rifle to shoot moving target.
By the movie evidence, it is clear that Kennedy was shot from the front and side, not from the back.

Oswald, a Marine, was killed by Jack Ruby while being escorted, and Jack Ruby died in prison, and the case fell into a mystery.
Clai Shaw, whom prosecutor Garrison identified as the culprit, worked for the CIA and was a member of Israel's Mossad.
Mossad is an Israeli intelligence agency that conducts various conspiracy and assassinations.
But the suspect, Clay Shaw, is acquitted of the death of a decisive witness and the government's protection.

Kennedy was the son of his Joseph Kennedy, a senator, and was helped by Freemason to become president.
So after becoming president, Kennedy put the person recommended by the Freemasons CFR and Bilderberg in the main positions.
They were illuminati members, mostly related to the military industry.
The illuminati deliberately make wars so that the defense industry can make money, and the government pours money.

However, Kennedy gradually did not follow their orders, withdrawing troops from Vietnam, opposing the invasion of Cuba, and trying to dismantle the CIA under illuminati.
When Kennedy was assassinated, Vice President Johnson, who became president, expanded the Vietnam War and revived the CIA as they intended.

Jews were angry with Kennedy because he would check Israel's nuclear facilities, even though Jews were occupied the US government.
The biggest reason is that Kennedy let government to issue money directly by eliminating the currency issuance rights of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is the Jewish private bank.

In order to issue money in the United States, the government issues bonds, the Federal Reserve Bank buy bonds, and the currency is issued, the government must pay off interest on bonds.
So government debt is bound to grow like a mountain, and most taxes are used to pay bonds interest, not welfare.

The CIA has a powerful authority that the US president can not touch, and works for Illuminati.
The CIA is even working on drug trafficking to raise funds for secret activities.
Kennedy, who tried to reach out to the CIA and the Federal Reserve Bank, was eventually assassinated by the CIA and Mossad.


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