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UFO (technology)


UFOs appear in light, making a right-angle flight and quickly disappearing that can not be explained by physical laws.
But this phenomenon is already scientifically proven and made up of implemented technologies.
UFOs fly with anti-gravity devices by powerful electro-magnetic fields and ion-propulsion device by nuclear power.
When UFOs appear, the surrounding electronic devices are broken and the radiation levels are.

The United States has done UFO and new technology research at the Aeal-51 in the Nevada desert after the Roswell UFO crash, which has made the United States the world's best technology power.
Everyone knows that there is a UFO, but the US government officially denies it because they are instructed advanced.

Rather, we are pathetic to ride a car or plane by fossil fuels more than 100 years.
This is because the US government and oil companies are preventing new technologies from being developed, and if something like an anti-gravity device or a fuelless engine is developed, they assassinates developers, buys a company or patents and disposes of them.


1. The Roswell UFO crash

At 10 p.m. on July 2, 1947, a huge luminous body appeared in the sky southeast of Rosewell, USA, flying at a fairly rapid speed.
the first site (near the ranch in the north of Rosewell), it exploded, dropped some of the debris, then turned westward, narrowly crossed the mountainous area, and then the UFO crashed at the second site (San Augustine Plain).

a) The first site

William Blezel, owner of the ranch, Old Jupres, near the UFO crash site, found the wreckage when he drove out to the paddock to take care of sheep in the early morning.
Blezel reported the debris he had picked up the next day to the sheriff's office.
Soon, soldiers came out of the air force base and carried all the debris around the ranch.

The above picture is a metal fragment from the UFO and is light and does not tear well.

b) A second

This is the testimony of Glady Barnett, a engineer.
On July 3, 1974, when he reached the Sand Augustine Plains to go on a scale work, he was noticed flashing on the plains.
He thought maybe it was the plane that crashed last night.

He went there and found a disk-shaped
'Flying Saucer' with a diameter of about seven to eight meters made of stainless steel-like metal.
The flight dish was badly broken and several crew members were lying on the inside.
They looked like humans, but they were never human.

They were short, and had no hair at all, and his head looked exceptionally big.
The crew seemed dead.

The clothes the bodies wore were all the same, with a grey-colored onepiece.
A few moments later, the car with the soldiers came, and he was not supposed to speak because it was a military secret. "


The left side of the picture above is their letter on the metal bar, and the right side is seen as a control device, with six fingers carved, which is the feature of Gray.
The absence of a separate control unit suggests that Gray telepathically control UFO.
There are also 24 fingers and toes giants in the Bible, six fingers and toes, and they are not human.

1Chr.20:6 Yet again there was war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature, with twenty-four fingers and toes, six on each hand and six on each foot; and he also was born to the giant.


c) Reports and cover-ups

When the military first announced this incident, it said that Army recovered the 'Flying Saucer'.
But the Ministry of Defense knew the seriousness of the problem, and announced that the recovery of
'Flying Saucer' was misrepresented and the identity was a simple meteorological instrument.
All newspapers in the United States accepted the correct announcement as a fact and published the correction article the next day.
However, there is a question, "How can the Army Air Corps misjudge the remains of the observation equipment as the remains of the Flying Saucer.


On the left side of the picture, it was reported that the Flying Saucer was captured at first, but later it is excused by showing the wreckage of the balloon.



2.  Area 51

Area 51 was originally an air base, but after the Roswell incident, UFO debris and alien bodies were moved here and became a UFO-related technical institute.
It is only accessible through security system, and technology is being passed on from aliens in underground dozens of research facilities.
Instead, aliens were allowed to kidnap humans or livestock and conduct biopsy.


The above left is a picture of Aira 51 and the underground base structure on the right.

Curious people witness strange flying objects around the base, which are sanctioned by private security guards.
Area 51 studies advanced technologies that we can't imagine, and research results are available to CIA and military companies.
Area 51 collected UFOs and developed many of the technologies we are currently using through Reverse Engineering.
This enabled the United States to rapidly develop science and technology to become a technology advanced country.

Colonel Philip J Corso was involved in a secret project while working for Area 51 and revealed the facts in his book after retirement:
The technologies researched and developed by Area 51 are as follows:

1. Laser;
2. Fiber optics;
3. Bulletproof fibers;
4. A molecular array metal alloy;
5. Integrated circuits and micro-type logic substrates;
6. HARRP (high altitude research project);
7. Mobile nuclear generators;
8. Foods treated with ultraviolet rays (long-term preservation);
9. The ‘third braininduction system (EBE headband);
10. Particle light (anti-missile energy weapons);
11. Electromagnetic propulsion system;
12. Uranium launch



4. Philadelphia experiment

The Philadelphia experiment, also called Project Rainbow, is a study that prevents warships from being seen or caught on radar during World War II in 1943.
The technology used at the time was to form a powerful electromagnetic field around the ship, refracting light or radar propagation.
The results of this experiment were successful, but they caused too much side effects.

At 9 a.m.on July 22, 1943, off Philadelphia, the Eldridge was carrying several tons of experimental electrical equipment.
As the generator began to turn, 150 billion volts of current began to flow in, and a huge electromagnetic field began to surround the destroyer.
And the blue fog wrapped around the ship, and after the fog disappeared, Eldridge disappeared with the fog.

About 15 minutes later, they stopped the generator and the fog was smeared again and the warship appeared.
The problem was that the crew on board the ship were not normal, either losing sense of direction or vomiting.
The Navy once again tries new experiments aimed at preventing radar tracking, not transparent.


The above photo is the Uss Eldridge used in the experiment, and the right is the person who fused with the wall after the experiment and only came out with the arm legs.

A experiment was conducted on the Eldridge at 5:15 p.m. on October 28, 1943.
The generator turned and the Eldridge became translucent, and at that moment the blue rays flashed and the ship disappeared completely.
And then, a few seconds later, ship showed up in Norfolk, Virginia, miles away.
The ship has completely left space-time trip.

When the Eldridge returned to its place a few minutes later, a miserable sight appeared on the ship.
A total of 181 people21 people
returned to the ship, 40 people were exposed to radiation or died of electric shock.
And the other 120 people disappeared and never showed up again.

The most unusual case was that five crew members were attached to the ship's steel structure as if it were one.
Fifty years after the failure of the experiment, Philadelphia residents stated that they were seen around the port as soldiers in naval uniforms passed through the wall during World War II.

The chief executive of this experiment was Nicola Tesla.
Tesla was an American immigrant born in Croatia, working for the Edison Company, and later founded his own research institute to gain a reputation as an electrical engineer.
By inventing alternating current generators and transformers, he have contributed greatly to the development of electrical engineering today.

Through the above experiments, we can see that a powerful electromagnetic field can refract light and make it invisible, and that space movement and time movement function by distorting space-time.
However, this phenomenon is quite similar to UFO.
When UFOs appear, fog or clouds often appear around them, and the surrounding electronic devices are destroyed by powerful electromagnetic fields, and they disappear quickly with bright flashes.



4. The anti-gravity device and ion-propulsion device

UFOs absorb energy in the universe and convert it into electromagnetics to distort space-time.
Gravity causes the surrounding space-time to bend, and UFOs produce artificial gravitational fields.
Therefore, it is possible to rotate at a right angle or disappear that does not meet the physical law.
And when it accelerates rapidly, it uses an ion propulsion device by nuclear power.

First, if you look at law of gravitation, two objects with mass have the power to draw each other in proportion to mass.
The reason is that, according to general relativity theory, objects with masses bend the surrounding space.
So we feel gravity because we're sucked into the space that the Earth bent.

Time is a change in matter, and space is the range of matter.
Time is the force that changes matter to increase disorder.
As the speed increases, the time slows down, and when a person who has traveled to space returns, his watch behind watch of earth.

is mass?
Mass is the size of the force that resists when accelerating by giving force to an object. (F=ma)
Weight varies by place, but mass is the same on Earth, the moon, or in space; (the law of mass conservation)
The larger the mass, the more force it takes to accelerate.
The reason why medium-sized cars eat need more oil than small cars is because they consume more fuel to accelerate because of their large mass.

what's the substance?
A mass being.
The material is made up of molecules, the molecules are made up of atoms, the atoms are made up of protons and electrons, and they are electrical forces.
The material is a stable combination of energy, and it is because it is tightly bound to touch the material that is energy, and what you can see is that it reflects light.

We can touch plastic because the molecules are carbon-binding, and metals are metal-binding.
On the other hand, water molecules are weak in bonding, so we can swim freely in the water.
Glass does not reflect visible light, so it seems to be absent even though it presece.

So all matter can be converted into energy by mass, and by fission of uranium, we can get tremendous energy
. (E=mc2)
On the contrary, it is possible to create this universe with energy, and the fact that this universe came up on its own violates the first law of thermodynamics, the law of energy conservation.

Light is an electromagnetic wave with the properties of particles and waves, and has a constant speed of 300,000 km / sec regardless of the speed of the light source or observer.
Einstein dug deeply into this phenomenon, which can not be explained by existing physical laws, and published the theory of special relativity.
The content is that matter can not exceed the speed of light because time slows down, shortens the length, and the mass grows to infinity when matter approaching the speed of light.

The only absolute thing in the world is the speed of light, and the rest are all relative.
In conclusion, mass, energy, time, space, and speed are related to each other and can be unified by one force.
It's like a computer is powered by a single power source, and a variety of worlds are realized in it.
You can understand the UFO phenomenon when you break the absolute idea of time and space.

a) static electricity

The voltage difference between the Earth's
ionized layer and Earth's surface is 300,000 volts.
So we can witness lightning on rainy days.
Static eletricity is always around us, and when you take off your sweater or touch your car, you can feel tens of thousands of volts.

Van de graaff has experimented with collecting charges in metal spheres and causing millions of volts of voltage.
When the charge is gathered in the metal sphere, the charge is pushed to the surface of the metal sphere because of the repulsion that pushes each other.
So we can explain the flight principles of the sphere UFOs that we could not understand.

It is to draw electrical energy from nature and convert it into an electromagnetic field and release it to a spherical metal surface.
It's proven in Tesla's Philadelphia experiment, with a huge electromagnetic field, you can move time and space.
Sphere UFOs with powerful electromagnetic fields are no longer matter, are not dominated by the law of geavity.

b) The principle of flight

UFOs emit a variety of colors, which means that UFOs emit energy..
Two metal plates are in charge to generate physical force, which is proven by
the Biefeld Brown effect.
The motor is active by electric power, but in the Biefeld Brown effect, only the electric potential produces physical force.
This is because the electrical force to restore the imbalance caused by the electric potential difference.

c) Laser beam aircraft

When a strong laser beam is shot on a conical metal, the metal rises to the sky with electromagnetic waves.
This is the same phenomenon as the UFO.
It was just not balanced and it was rotated at high speed by compressed air, and it was stably flown by the gyro principle.

Laser beam aircraft



5. The story of a person who has directly manipulated a UFO

The following story is about the UFO of the Earth, which was claimed by a person who worked as a test pilot at a secret base and directly controlled a weightless UFO created by Earth's people.

1. Types of

'The UFOs currently held by the Air Force are divided into three main categories:
for scout, which is light and small.
There is no wind resistance and I can not feel the speed.

The second is for transport.
is heavy and large.
is used to transport more than 100 fully armed troops and heavy equipment.

The third is for attack.
is a relatively small flying object with a powerful next-generation weapon, and all objects that attack may melt like butter depending on exposure time.
The speed is all the same - it's more than Mach 79.


2. Setting brain waves for control

'To control the UFO, you first have to adjust your brain waves to the VR sensors connected to the UFO.
adjusting the brain waves moving up and down, you have to adjust the brain waves at high and low, and you have to program the VR sensors with emergency automatic control to cope with any threats or when the pilot loses his mind.


3. The method of controlling a UFO

'I ride a ladder onto a flying object and then sit in the cockpit.
Some models move only by brain waves.
There is no speed limit for UFOs - no matter how fast they move and raise altitude there is no change in gravity in the UFO.


4. Fuel of UFOs

'We understand that the fuel of the UFO is not a component collected from Earth.
it's in operation, it doesn't have to worry about fuel forever.
Fuel and UFO manufacturing technology were reported to have been delivered from other civilized people from the outside world.


5. Stealth and transparent technology

'The exterior material of the UFO absorbs radar and sound waves.
UFOs turn transparent when they are activated, but they have the disadvantage of emitting light when the speed is slow. "


6. Type of UFO

'The UFOs held by the Air Force have dish type, circular type, and stick type.


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